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Att Cucut. A'O e. Am e 1 n-. A 'OUtn Ct11'0 '0. Numerous boards and Nati? Our repre. They are more often with. Arnold, Brennan, Cooke, Doyle Gatley '. Lynch who is chairman of the Board, is a member of the Gaelic League, but ron this occasion he appears to have left his Gaelic League principles at home. Lorean Sherlock has appeared on Gaelic League platforms more than once, and it is regrettable to see him among the delinquents. Feis Bheil Feirste. Some meetmgs merely record work that has been This do1:e, and.

The Language Fund. The Irish Language Fund for rr will be.

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This sum with. John Sweetman has sent his reason. A Suggestion. A Chara, I have been thinking that a fitting close to the special collection in Dublin, and a fitting form of amusement for the citizens on the National Holiday, would be a football match at J ones's Road on St. I feel convinced that with favourable weather there will be a record gate. As an inducement to the teams to travel valuable commemorative gold medals should be offered to the winners and silver medals to the unsuccessFurther, there should be a public ful team.

This might be the beginning of that co-operation between the two bodies, which the President of the Gaelic League, in common with many others, has so often desired, and it wouJd moreover, afford an example which other cities and towns would probably be not slow to emulate. By co-operation in the matter: of tournaments and entertainments the Gaelic League and the G. Tohil and the Schools.

Now, the object of the Feis was to bnng before the minds of the young the advantages and desirability of reviving the old language, of knowi1:g something of her history, and also those pastimes and amusements which were so congenial to the Irish character. However, of all the elements around which centred the interest of the Feis, the revival of t? If they ever brought to life the language of the country success in the other departments would follow as a matter of course.. Now those seven or eight children from Glenanff, under the devoted guardianship and generalship of Father Toal, had come from a school where the total number on the roll was and.

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That result contamed a moral for them in Belfast, Under Catholic management in the city they had 64 national schools, with a total roll of 13, children. An Appeal to the Belfast Teachers. In the case of the children from Glenariff. The prices are strictly moderate. Perfect ventilation. Men's and Boys' Caps. Ladies' and Children's Ribbong and Short Sleeves. Locha gCarmain, trid an Ath. Clair Boyd.. Padraig O Caomhanaigh, S. Clancy, Bishop of Elphin.. Clarke, Frankfort, Blackrock, Co.

Dublin 5 0 0 5 0 0 Edward Martyn.. P O Cionaoith, Seip. The Gaelic League of Bolivia. First instalment, forwarded June 21st, 7 0 B5. Amaya-Pampa, Bolivia, IL January 15, A A11 Cf.. IA1m-re orm 50 mbe1'0. Grafton Street. Callaghan, Esq. See Part I. I hope it is not too hot. Take a sip to test it. NORA-Yes, mother. Is he to be here?

I sent him for the priest's portmanteau. I"m putting up at the hotel. Now I know what is in your mind. You would like to say Mass to-morrow morning. The Church is not a gunshot fron1 us, and Daniel can be your acolyte. If he has anything special to do he is sharp enough in the rnormng. Rtl'O e The Kilkenny Woodworkers have. Irish linen loose cases are qmte mce. C'C, r. C :Se.

Jd1f' 'f. H f50lt1'0e.. Ct: nit 'Oee- te1r.

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C te1r. C'C t:. C 50 teot' te. CC 't'. T', ,. Ct: '1f'. TI mbeAt. L 'Oe. T' 'Oe te.. Call and Choose your Material and we will Gu. It is no longer a question of Justice to the Insh language, but one of justice to Ir:eland that the Board has to consider. Eoin MacN ei. An Craoibhin and Mr. Dillon spoke at length on the necessity of creating a profession of secondary teachers.

Professor Corcoran of the National University. Thomas O'Donnell. The Intermediate system is a bad limb of our national organism. It has a dozen sores that spread their contagion to the whole nation.

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It is certain that the money cure will not be effective if administered unaccompanied by drastic drafts. The opposition to the Irish language, and the hatred to al things Irish must go, the closed door that excludes poor brilliant boys and girls must be thrown open, the teacher must be raised to a position of worth and honour, freedom to teach their own programmes must be given to the schools.

It is questionable whether it is not waste of time to call for the reform of a body that has proved itself so hopeless and so bad. It is certain, however, that the present Commissioners can no longer continue on their old course.

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Ireland will tolerate their defiance and foolery no longer. We gave helplessly, but freely, and our return is to force us all ito foreign Enzlish channels of thought and life, so that our plains supply flocks for the English market, our schools may turn out human machines for the service of a land that is not ours. Our land does not count.